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Artificial Turf 101


Once you decide you want artificial turf, that is day one in in a process which you hope will lead to a phenomenal playing surface. It is a big investment and you deserve the very best synthetic field, but also the very best constructed foundation to support it. Sports Turf Company... Read More →

Sports Turf Company Takes Home Multiple Awards in the Alabama BuildSouth Awards

Sports Turf Company takes home multiple awards  in the Alabama AGC BuildSouth Awards for the second year in a row.

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State of the Art Athletic Facility Almost Ready for Bibb County Athletics

The new artificial turf fields at the Ed Defore sports complex were long overdue for Bibb County athletics. Especially for one sport in particular. "Especially as far as soccer was concerned, our field was not good enough for our kids to play on," said athletic director Barney Hester. "But now...

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The Best Easy Step to Ensure a Successful Athletic Field or Track Project: Hire an ASBA Certified Field Builder (CFB) or Certified Track Builder (CTB)

How often have you heard an Athletic Director, School Facilities Administrator, or a Coach lament their field or track.  “It holds water.” “The crown is too tall.” “The lines are not straight.” “It cost us too much money.” “We couldn’t get the installer to come back for maintenance issues.” “The...

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The Best of Both Worlds- Jefferson City School's Practice Facility

Jefferson City School's recently completed practice facility features a full sized natural grass field and a full sized artificial turf field. The brand new facility features fields with two different surfaces to suit both the high school and middle school athletic teams, no matter what the...

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The University of South Alabama's State-of-the-Art Practice Facility is Complete

Last week, the finishing touches were put on the University of South Alabama’s indoor practice facility. The state-of-the-art facility will be primarily utilized by the Jaguar football team, but it will also be available for other athletic department and university functions.

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Running Track Construction and Renovation

Running Track design is complicated and there are a variety of running track surfaces out there to be considered.  Here are a couple of things to consider when looking at renovating or constructing your running track facility. 

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What are you Playing on? What Parents, Coaches, and Athletes Need to Know About Turf Fields

Chances are you have a young athlete or you are a young athlete and have already played on an artificial turf field. As soccer and in some areas, lacrosse, have been added to high school athletics programs, the challenges for coaching and facilities staff to maintain grass fields have led to a...

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