Sports Turf Company Completes Auburn University Football Practice Facility

Sports Turf Company, a specialty sports construction and surfacing company, is proud to announce it has completed the practice facility at Auburn University. Working alongside Rabren General Contractors, Sports Turf’s scope included an indoor artificial turf field, two natural grass fields and a sand pit.

Sports Turf Company constructed the indoor artificial turf field to include a turf system focused on safety, enhanced performance, and improved footing specifically for elite college athletes. The artificial turf system features AstroTurf’s Rhino Blend 48 turf system and Brock Powerbase Pro shock pad. AstroTurf’s Rhino Blend 48 turf system is an artificial turf system that combines slit film and monofilament fibers providing the field with the best of both worlds, durability, and aesthetics. The Brock Powerbase Pro shock pad is engineered to optimize safety for athletes, specifically NCAA and NFL athletes, during impacts to the surface. The precisely designed shock pad provides a firmer surface allowing athletes to get in and out of cuts quicker, while reducing lower extremity injuries.

Sports Turf installed a full underdrain system, sand-based rootzone and irrigation system on both natural grass fields. TifTuf Bermudagrass was installed due to its ability to establish faster and recover quickly. The underdrain system and sand-based rootzone helps move water away at a faster rate allowing the Tigers to practice after intense rainfall. These elite natural grass field are designed to withstand high amounts of traffic and rainfall and remain in optimum playing condition.

“We’re excited to provide the Tigers with a facility that focuses on safety, performance, and durability specifically for college and professional athletes,” said Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins. “We believe the new facility will give the Tiger’s an optimal place to practice, no matter the weather to help propel the football program forward.”




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