Employee Spotlight | Mark Becker

Mark Becker has been employed with Sports Turf Company for 16 years and leads the Sports Track division that specializes in the construction and renovation of running tracks. Mark has been in the industry for 34 years and is a veteran in the world of synthetic surfacing. He is a certified track builder by the American Sports Builders Association and has been a part of nearly 500 running track or court projects during his impressive career.

What is a normal day like for Mark Becker?

“Typically, I start my day making sure the crews have the materials they need to get through their projects for that day. I order any material that needs to be delivered and check in with pending deliveries. I will also visit the job site of new projects to check the asphalt quality before work can begin. I also spend a good amount of time checking and following the weather for that day and the days ahead.”

What is your role with the owner for each project?

“The role with the owner is pretty similar for each project. I consult with each owner to discuss their options for either their existing facility or a new facility. When the project begins, I serve as a main contact to keep them updated on their project.”

What is your favorite part about your position?

“My favorite part is the finished product, particularly track renovation projects. Seeing what the tracks look like before and then seeing the finished product is definitely a treat.”

What is your favorite project you have been a part of?

“Berry College’s track and field project is definitely one of my top choices. The whole facility is a track and field athlete’s dream. The surface is a Rekortan M99 which is a 15mm impermeable full pour system that is constructed in three layers. The surface is one of the best in the industry, due to its force reduction and ability to stand up to high wear and tear. 



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