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Sports Turf Chosen to Renovate Hallford Stadium in DeKalb County

Fields and track surfaces are currently being dug up at three of the five DeKalb County stadiums for renovation work.

Adams, Godfrey and Hallford stadiums will have new field turf, track surface, lights and more when the high school football season kicks off in August. The DeKalb County Board of Education approved the renovation projects for the three stadiums at its Dec. 7, 2015, board meeting.

According to the renovation proposals, Adams Stadium will receive $1.6 million of renovations, Godfrey was awarded $1.7 million and Hallford will receive $1.9 million. The funds were allocated under the voter-approved E-SPLOST IV.

Adams Stadium, which was built in 1962, will have the stadium and parking lot lights replaced, new fencing with vinyl coated fencing, an artificial field turf and a new track surface with a polyurethane surface. The contractor, Deluxe Athletics LLC, also will perform a detailed engineering survey of the stadium facility.

Deluxe Athletics LLC also is doing the renovations at Godfrey Stadium. The stadium, built in 1968, will receive the same renovations as Adams Stadium.

Sports Turf Company Inc. will work on Hallford Stadium, which was built in 1968. Hallford also will receive new stadium and parking lot lights, fencing, and a new artificial field turf and a polyurethane track surface. A detailed engineering survey of the stadium facility also will be done.

The locker rooms, stadium bathrooms and the concession areas will not be renovated at the stadiums.


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