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Sports Turf Celebrates Bowdon High School's Field Completion Virtually with the Community

Community and school officials found a unique way to celebrate the completion of Bowdon High School’s complete artificial turf renovation. A virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the community to unveil the new state-of-the-art facility on Friday, April 24 and more than 2,700 people joined in to watch the video. 

Sports Turf President, Todd Wiggins, hosted the event live on Facebook to talk about the logistics of the project. He welcomed two special guests, Scott Cowart, Carroll County Schools Superintendent and Rich Fendley, head football coach of the red devils to get their take on the new facility. 

Bowdon High School’s field features AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D3 Blend turf system, Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad, and BrockFILL. AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D3 Blend is a performance artificial turf system that combines slit film and monofilament fibers for optimum durability. The revolutionary Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad technology features large drainage channels, shock-absorbing structures and 25mm thickness to improve player safety and provide more effective drainage. BrockFILL is the latest in alternative infills and is sustainably grown and harvested in Georgia. The unique properties of the wood infill, BrockFILL, decreases field temperatures and gives the feel of a more natural surface with increased traction and footing for athletes.

See the entire video of the event below and stay tuned as we announce Mt. Zion High School's ribbon cutting date.



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