Sports Turf Completes High-Performance Tennis Courts at Two Carroll County High Schools

Sports Turf Company, a sports facility construction and specialty surfacing company, is excited to announce the completion of two Carroll County High School tennis court renovations. The scope of the project included the removing the existing tennis court surface and installing Laykold Masters Gel tennis court systems.

The two Carroll County Schools include:

  • Zion High School in Carrollton
  • Central High School in Carrollton

“Our players and coaches are ecstatic with our new tennis courts,” Central High School Principal Jared Griffis said. “Our athletes noticed a difference in footing, impact, and fatigue starting the first day they stepped on the new courts. We couldn’t ask for a better system for our coaches and athletes to propel our tennis program forward.”

Sports Turf Company installed Laykold Masters Gel systems to both sets of Carroll County High School’s tennis courts. The seamless cushioned court system provides 17%+ force reduction, enhancing player performance by reducing joint impact and body fatigue. The mixed elastic court system doesn’t just absorb the force an athlete produces during competition, it also returns that energy to the athlete, reducing fatigue. Focusing on keeping athletes healthy while achieving peak performance, this system is raising the bar for tennis court surfaces around the country.

“Sports Turf is always honored when we can enhance local Carroll County High School facilities,” Sports Turf President Todd Wiggins said. “This system will not only keep these student-athletes healthy, but it will allow them to play at peak performance throughout practices and competitions. Our hope is that this system will allow them an opportunity to compete at the next level.”

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