Sports Turf Company Partners with Game Changers Foundation for Leadership Award honoring High School Athletes

Sports Turf Company, partnering with Game Changers Foundation, is excited to announce the Game Changers Leadership Award. Developed to specifically honor athletes’ abilities to lead on and off the field through their attitude, academics and work ethic, the award will be given to an athlete each week during the 2022-2023 school year.

“Sports Turf is honored to partner with the Game Changers Foundation to present the weekly Leadership Award to a Georgia high school athlete,” Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins said. “We strive to give back to athletes who give so much to their teams with both their athletic talent and ability to lead and overcome adversity.”

The Game Changers Foundation and Sports Turf Company will present this award to an athlete, male or female, of any sports team who is a leader beyond their physical abilities. The Leadership Award will honor players who have impacted their teams through their desire to improve, their ability to preserver and their drive toward a common goal.

“As a Georgia native, I am thrilled to honor and encourage students to make an impact with more than their athletic skills,” Game Changer Foundation Founder and Executive Director Rennie Curran said. “Just because an athlete isn’t the best player, doesn’t mean they aren’t making a difference, and we are excited to honor them for so many valuable characteristics that lead to success down the road.”

Curran will present a plaque to the award winner each week at their prospective schools.

Coaches are encouraged to nominate their “Game Changer” each week for consideration based on the following criteria:

  • Sportsmanship (respect coaches, officials, opponents, teammates)
  • Commitment (toward practices, games and teammates)
  • Desire to Improve (during competition and in the classroom, community, etc.)
  • Work Ethic (in the classroom, practice and games)
  • Teamwork (ability to work with their team and to lead by example)
  • Focus and Discipline (in the classroom and through practices and games)
  • Perseverance (overcoming challenges in life, the classroom, practices, games. etc.)
  • Overcoming Adversity (in the classroom and through practice and games 

To nominate an athlete, please visit

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