Sports Turf Company Announces Leadership Award Winners

Sports Turf Company is proud to announce the winners of its Game Changers Leadership Award for high school athletes in partnership with the Game Changers Foundation. These outstanding athletes throughout Georgia are recognized for their exceptional performance, leadership, and dedication on and off the field.


Sports Turf Company is a proud sponsor of the Game Changer Leadership Award and is committed to supporting student athletes in their pursuits of excellence in their sport and beyond. The Game Changers Foundation and Sports Turf Company are both committed to empowering students to become leaders in their communities through education, mentorship and athletics.


"We are proud to recognize these incredible student athletes for their outstanding performances and contributions to their teams," said Game Changers Foundation Founder Rennie Curran. “Their hard work, dedication and leadership overall has made a significant impact on their communities and serves as an inspiration to others.”


The winners of the Game Changer Leadership Award include:

  • Trinity Christian School, Olivia Osse, Flag Football
  • Telfair County High School Mia Reese Softball, Basketball and Cheer
  • Ware High School, Trey Hargrove, Football
  • Riverdale High School, Nyla Cole, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Golf
  • West Hall High School, Baylee Hutson, Softball
  • Ola High School, Anna Hutchison, Softball
  • Calvary Day School, Kaylee Jeffcoat, Softball 
  • McIntosh High School, Madelyn Sanders, Cheerleading
  • Gwinnett Online, Christian Webb-Scott, Football
  • Calvary Day School, Carlee Hurst, Flag Football 

“Sports Turf is proud to continue our partnership with the Game Changers Foundation to present this award to high school athletes throughout our state,” Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins said. “We strive to give back to athletes who give so much to their teams with both their athletic talent and ability to lead.”


The 501(c)(3) organization helps athletes from all levels reach their fullest potential in the game of life. This is accomplished through speaking engagements, one-on-one mentoring, leadership events and networking opportunities. In a Big Brother/Big Sister model, the Foundation provides an avenue to create support and guidance for athletes to make a difference in their own lives and those of others.


Rennie Curran was a standout at the University of Georgia as an All-American linebacker before playing in the NFL. Throughout his football career, he depended heavily on his community for guidance both on the field and off the field. Because of his experience, Curran created the Foundation for current and former professional athletes to positively influence and impact their communities by preparing high school athletes for their futures.


Sports Turf specializes in the construction and installation of sports surfaces, including natural grass and artificial turf fields, tennis courts and track surfaces. In addition, Sports Turf Company serves as a consultant and owners’ advocate through the entire process of selecting the best facility solutions and surfaces to meet owners’ specific needs. The company continues evolving to provide its clients with higher-performing, safer and more durable athletic facilities.




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