Sports Turf Company Reports Achievements and Growth Following a Successful 2022

Following a successful year, Sports Turf Company is proud to be a recognized industry leader in athletic construction for natural grass and artificial turf fields as well as running tracks and tennis courts for more than 31 years. With more than 20 industry awards, five American Sports Builders Association Certified Builders on staff and more than 700 facilities completed, Sports Turf continues to be at the forefront of specialty construction after a sensational 2022.

 In 2022 alone, Sports Turf saw a nearly 40 percent increase in projects completed to include 40 fields, 23 running tracks and eight tennis courts. These state-of-the-art projects allowed Sports Turf to achieve two industry awards with its team of 42 full-time employees.

We always reflect on our year, and I’m so proud to see the magnitude of customers with so much confidence and appreciation in Sports Turf,” Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins said. “It truly speaks volumes about the dedication of our team because we know these important projects will lead to great success for these individual owners.”

While completing over 70 projects to include natural grass fields, artificial turf fields, running tracks and tennis courts in 2022, Sports Turf is a leader in athletic construction and a top specialty contractor in the Southeast. The company continues evolving to provide higher-performing, safer and more durable athletic facilities for its clients.

Sports Turf specializes in the construction and installation of sports surfaces, including natural grass and artificial turf fields, tennis courts and track surfaces across five states, from colleges to professional venues. In addition, Sports Turf Company serves as a consultant and owners’ advocate through the entire process of selecting the best facility solutions and surfaces to meet owners’ specific needs.

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