Sports Turf Company Wins 2021 STMA Innovative Award

Sports Turf Company is excited to announce that the artificial turf system at the Ed Defore Sports Complex has been chosen as one of Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Innovative Award Winners for 2021. The award recognizes companies who have utilized a system or a product that enhances the playing surface for athletes.

“It’s an honor to receive these recognitions from STMA on behalf of the entire Sports Turf and our partners at AstroTurf and Brock,” said Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins. “Sports Turf Company’s mission is to build safer, longer lasting and better performing athletic facilities through innovative technology and solutions for all of our clients.

 Every year, Sports Turf Company strives to bridge the gap between natural grass and artificial turf fields in safety, performance and playability. We believe in synthetic turf systems that closely replicate natural grass in look and function. This system which utilizes a Brock YSR Pad, BrockFILL and AstroTurf 3D Rootzone technology captures the latest advancements in our industry to achieve this. Macon-Bibb County’s Ed Defore Stadium in Macon, GA was the first field in the country to utilize this system. Here’s the breakdown of the revolutionary technology:  

  • AstroTurf Rootzone Blend HD Artificial Turf– An incredibly dense three fiber turf system that adds a RootZone layer of texturized fibers that encapsulate infill, provide better shock absorbency, and less infill migration than traditional systems. The turf is comprised of both slit-film fibers and AstroTurf’s patented Trionic fiber, combining nylon and polyethylene for fiber that lasts up to 50% longer. Overall these systems look great for the life of the field, provide improved play and offer longer durability.
  • Brock Powerbase YSR Shockpad – The revolutionary Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad technology features large drainage channels, shock-absorbing structures and 25mm thickness to improve player safety and provide more effective drainage. The system is designed to make artificial turf fields safer and increase playability for athletes by providing better force reduction under the field surface and ensuring consistency of force reduction across the field surface.
  • BrockFILL Infill– BrockFILL is the latest in alternative infills. The unique properties of the wood infill decrease field temperatures and give the feel of a more natural surface with increased traction and footing for athletes. The organic infill is incredibly durable and provides a fast, firm field surface with cleat interaction that most closely resembles a well-maintained natural grass field.

Sports Turf Company is a leader in athletic construction and a top specialty contractor in the southeast. Sports Turf Company has completed projects across five states from colleges to professional venues. We continue to evolve to provide higher performing, safer and more durable athletic facilities for our clients. 

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