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Sports Turf Company Completes Track Renovations at Two Liberty County High Schools

Track and field athletes have something to look forward to at two Liberty County High Schools this season. Sports Turf Company completed a full track renovation at Liberty County High School and Bradwell Institute this fall.


At both schools, the existing track surface was removed, and interior and exterior curbs were installed. The impermeable track surface, Rekortan M, was installed by first paving the basemat layer of the sandwich style system. The base layer consisting of SBR rubber granules bound in polyurethane was topped with a seal coat, fluid polyurethane topcoat and a broadcast of EPDM rubber granules. The two-component paved in place sandwich style track system can endure higher traffic, along with providing enhanced force reduction throughout its lifetime. 

“Sports Turf Company was honored to be a part of this project,” said Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins. “Both facilities received a top-notch track surfacing system that will allow student-athletes to train and compete at a high-level”

Sports Turf Company currently has two Certified Track Builders (CTB) on staff as recognized by the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA). By having passed a rigorous comprehensive exam on running track construction and maintenance, Certified Track Builders have demonstrated the highest level of expertise of running tracks. 




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